Review: The Accursed God

Review: The Accursed God

The first drop of blood that soaked the Kurukshetra soil had planted the seed for future wars. Here, Panchal’s prince Jantu was vanquished by the eighth accursed God.

The most potent character apart from Bhishma and Parshuram is Amba. She was wronged by her father. Destiny played a cruel game, and she suffered due to power play.

I am quoting some dialogues between Amba and Bhishma that touched my heart. To a retort on Lord Vishnu by Amba, Bhishma had replied, “Bhagwan says, prayer and weapons, both are for the brave- a coward is suited for neither.”

Amba had hoped to marry Bhishma after her refusal to marry the King of Hastinapur. However, after his refusal, she asked Bhishma, “Would you escape the cosmic justice for your deeds?”

Was it the Accursed Curse or the vengeance of Amba that led to the collapse of the Great Regent in the Kurukshetra war? Did Bhishma’s Oath overpower the Dharma in his life? “The Accursed God: The Lost Epic-Book 1?”: Ride along to catch the journey of Devabrata to Bhishma.

The book touches on multiple characters of Mahabharata. Hats off to the author Vivek Dutta Mishra for creating such a masterwork.

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