Book Review: The Nirvanic Heart

Book Review: The Nirvanic Heart

The book cover is attractive and unique. However, the book title “The Nirvanic Heart” sounded more like a philosophical expression, which is impressive. Nirvana, the ultimate release from the birth-death cycle, can only be achieved after crossing many hardships in life. The poet, Ashwin’s thinking, is very creative, and the words reflect his feelings in the verses.

The sixty heart-rendering poems that reflect human sentiments are collected in this book from the poet’s heart and mind. The titles and themes are diverse. They varied from the mom-son relationship, multi-facet of man, the death, traffic, soldier’s life, wreckage disasters, etc. The book is more about watching the world from others’ eyes and reflecting on self.

It’s a must-read for all poetry lovers. So grab the book today and get immersed in its beautiful expressions, even for a few minutes.

Book- The Nirvanic Heart

Author- Dr. Aswin Shaji


Rating- 4.7/5

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