Break Free From Shackles Of Supposition

Break Free From Shackles Of Supposition

“The shackles of belief, when reinforced by fear, are difficult to break free from and rarely done.”

— Richard Paul Evans

I ache to break free from captivating and domineering personalities.

I attempt to burst open from the comfort layer of my sustenance.

I seek to breathe in and exhale the toxic-free air of my planet.

I do not fancy your label to acknowledge me as noble and ideal.

I may be a misfit or wild in your symphonic and tranquil community.

I demand freedom from your daily bulldozing upon my self-esteem.

‘Loose the knot, set me free. I will be completed without any hurt.’

I intend to relieve myself from the burden of inception and expiration.

I strive strenuously to break free from the expectations of the world.

I try hard to unfasten myself from the prison of despair and failure.

I crave to tear open the layer of condemnation and Inhibition.

I yearn to free from feelings of inferiority and superiority in life.

I need a brake-free vehicle to glide placidly on my life’s venture.

I risk myself to cut open the door of insecurities, concern and panic.

“Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.”

—Albert Einstein

If I do not crack open the shell of conventional thought, then no growth would happen to me. Almighty has sent me to this world with a purpose, and it is for individual development. I am not going to be put into anyone else’s moulding plate. I cannot get transformed into a unique soul with a noose fastening me. I want to overthrow the concepts that are drafted explicitly for me. It would unquestionably restrict my progress over time.

‘ Gripping me and Imprisoning me with your belief would never remain forever. I may be subdued but my spirit would soar high in the sky.’

It makes me feel shackled to the chain of norms. I get suffocated by the manipulation of the community that is full of toxicity. I am in this world to search for my soul. I do not require any excess baggage of expectations to shoulder during my mission. I dream of flying like a bird. I intend to shake my wings from the loads that are thrust upon me. Never think that I am shrinking away from my responsibilities. I yearn to complete my tasks without anyone’s perception and dictation. Every outcome would be identical to the earlier one if I am continuing by the pre-determined practices. I want to explore different effects that would come my way.

“We need to break free from the habits of mind and behaviour,to discover the possibilities of who we can become.”

-Larry Brooks

Every person is distinct from the other in society. Each one has his altered knowledge, his ability to apprehend a problem and respond accordingly. We grown-ups attempt to emulate the ideas shoved on us by our forefathers. Have we ever tried to raise any question to our widespread belief that may be outdated in today’s era? Working women in some culture, homeschooling and househusbands in many households have defied societal norms. It was good to break free from conventional assumptions and adapt to new situations, in the real sense, we might have liberated from our fears.

When someone objects to any kind of view, we have been attempting to suppress him with outrage. We have not resolved the subject there. We have kindled the fire of revolt further in the person’s spirit.

We have strived so hard to guide our younger ones just like baking the biscuits in the identical form, mass and colour. The one baked cookie that turned out somewhat distinctive was branded as defective. It was not suited to be deposited in the regular batch and had to be rejected.

‘ If you have no answer to-why, how and when to break-free from self-conflicting feelings based on societal conditioning, then linger there to undergo distress on your own?’

From childhood, we have been conditioned to follow specific rules set by society. Sometimes, our parents fall into the trap and urge us to obey certain precepts as if they have no option left with them. It is the standard of our existence, and we live with everyone in a community. We get driven into the trap from childhood for various reasons. It can be to seek approval from parents, peers, society, teachers, relatives and so on. We are always on the lookout to satisfy others. We obtain solace in the pattern, and it turns out a routine in our daily life. We should break-free precisely for this reason to defeat the conflict of our inner self-demon. It is very vital for our own evolution, our life’s mission.

“Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.”


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