Should It Be Round?

Hey! What have you prepared for dinner?

Is it the map of India or Europe?

Laughter echoing at the dinner table.

Alas! I seethe with anger from within.

They know about my weakness,

but still, chuckle among themselves.

I cannot make round and perfect rotis.

But, give me a maths problem anytime,

I will solve it without delay in minutes.

25 years I have wasted to learn the art

But I wonder will I ever make rotis round?

Mutual fund investment I thoroughly enjoy,

Creating a PowerPoint display is my favourite play.

Algorithms I can write accurately in an instant.

New programming languages I learn precisely,

But with regret, I could not get round chapattis.

My dosas are round, and so are my pancakes.

I am distressed to get round – round chapatis.

I attempt hard whenever I enter the kitchen.

But I always fail in rolling rotis to a perfect shape.

Why cannot I make that form, I think with confusion?

I hired the best cook to teach me the art of making rotis.

Even enrolled in the cooking course and completed it.

My portions of pasta are to die for but not my rotis.

They are never soft, and they do not melt in the mouth.

Turn hard and pain for your teeth if kept for a while.

Why the Rolling pin frequently diverts my route?

Hands and the pin are always engaged in a fight.

I turn out to be the victim, any day of the year.

Rolling board is always the target of my ire.

My family suffers indefinitely and sigh.

I take the blame for everything and cry.

I purchased a roti maker to ease my load last month,

but that turned out to be another bore to the core.

It was another hopeless case and wasted like me.

I have given up the attempt for now to attain peace.

Do not go anywhere, I will come back with a bang.

Stay tuned for new updates from me and my rival.

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