Book Review: The Victim

Book Review: The Victim

Author- Shanu Shah

Book- The Victim:

The Most Gripping

And Twisted Thriller

In Murder Mystery

Genre- Fictional Thriller

The book spins around sensitive topics like rape and sodomization in males. In addition, it deals with the rampant use of drugs and alcohol. The loopholes in the Indian Judiciary system, the power of Political parties, the splurge of money by rich brats, the unfairness to the survivors, etc., have been portrayed sensationally by the author. The brilliant book cover gives shudders at first glance.

The nation gets apprehensive after multiple young men vanish on weekends without a trace. The mystery deepens when a prominent political party leader’s grandson disappears without a sign. The police couldn’t predict whether they were still alive or dead. Is it a serial killer’s handiwork or the opposition’s ploy? The untraceable individuals have one thing in common: the abundance of money. As a result, the police nationwide have a tough time finding the missing guys. Can they find out the culprit before it’s too late?

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