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“I Can Climb Mountains If I”m Determined To Do So And Nothing Can Stop Me.” – Sucharita Parija
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Picture of Sucharita Parija

Sucharita Parija

Sucharita, an Odisha-born academic’s daughter and tech-savvy architect, now authors her journey in New Delhi, penning award-winning narratives and anthologies that inspire. 📚✨


Books by Sucharita


This website gives insight into the author Sucharita’s books and her poems, short stories, etc. If you are inquisitive, find out more about her on the home page.

  • Ayanam: The Incredible Path
  • Merak
  • Estrenar: Beginning Of A New Journey

Sucharita’s journey as a writer began in her pre-adulthood, where she occasionally contributed to magazines, a testament to her early passion for literature. She has written in three languages, like Odia, English and Sanskrit so far.

Sucharita strongly believes in spiritual powers and always dedicates her work to the Almighty. Sucharita is her sole motivator in life;

Nothing and no one can push her forward except herself. Famous poet like Robert Frost and Rumi have partially inspired the author to write but never along the lines of publishing a book. Well, maybe the invisible hands of God did it.

The author’s writing stint ended after her college days. She was always a bookworm, and even now, she has not shed that habit, but she did not write anything concrete after that. Her goal was different then, and time was a constraint. But, looking back, she found the seeds of words were planted during my childhood.


The author’s writing revived during the first lockdown around May 2020. It also happened without a plan. She had yet to envision the writing path nor be prepared for the next literary trip. Her debut book was published in 2021, putting her on the map of the author’s world.

It’s unique as its style is different from others.

The author hopes it becomes more successful in the future.

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