Book Review: You Are The Reason…

Book Review: You Are The Reason...

“You Are The Reason I Am Alive Today”: This book was an incredibly satisfying ride for me. The book cover is vibrant, mirroring the protagonist’s love story.

Anirudh and Alisha were close mates in school until Alisha moved to a different city. Find out what has happened in between in their lives?

Alisha is surprised to see her doctor, who resembles her Ani. Anirudh meets Alisha in the most depressing circumstance as her Neurosurgeon after 13 years. Deep down, both have buried their emotions for each other till then. Yet they cannot pour out their heart’s feelings, even now. What is wrong with them? Is it Alisha’s relapse of health or someone else?

It is a poignant love story, true to its book title. However, the author, Anshu Priya, has beautifully ended the book with a touch of reality.

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