Book Review: Darling: You’re Obsessed

Book Review: Darling: You're Obsessed

Author- Kumar Kinshuk

Book- Darling: You’re Obsessed

Genre- Suspense Thriller


Riya is kidnaped from a renowned mall in Patna. She is the teenage daughter of the top politician Gopal, which adds more spice to the plot. Riya’s roommate, Isha, comes from Kolkata to be a part of the investigation. The young inspector, Kamal, is roped in to lead the high-profile kidnapping case. So what can be the motive behind Riya’s abduction? Is it personal revenge or political rivalry with her father?

Riya’s father quickly passed the parental duty to her nanny Seema after her mother’s death. However, Riya grew up as a lovely girl devoid of parental love amidst a traumatic atmosphere. Riya and Isha developed a strong bond in school. Then, suddenly Riya vanished without a hint. Was it a planned one or an impulsive move? Will Riya come home to her father in the end?

The sizzling book cover and the unique title attract the readers at first glance. But this book is undoubtedly filled with multiple twists and suspense. So, readers, it is worth going through it.

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