Book Review: Saat

Book Review: Saat

The seven unique stories are beneath one cover called “Saat.” They are diverse from each other and highly dissimilar from regular short scripts. In addition, the author has tried to include some trending and futuristic topics in this book.

The theme of every story challenges the social issues of today. As a result, one cannot ignore the emotions that arise after going through each one. Each piece is mind-blowing, filled with fantasy, and highly deceptive. However, the ending of each plot is approvingly dramatic.

My personal favorite is “The Opener.” The writing style of the author is impressive. The title and book cover is simple yet expressive in their way.

Book- SAAT

Author- Abhimanyu Jamwal

Genre- Anthology

This book is a pleasure for bold hearts. If you love walking alone in the quirky world’s dark lane, please read the book immediately.

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