Book Review: The Protectors Of Kavaach

Book Review: The Protectors Of kavaach

The book “The Protectors Of Kavaach” spins around the kavaach of Karna from the Mahabharat era. Three different timelines range from 600 BCE to 570 BCE to the present time. The significant places mentioned in the book are Kurukshetra, Shivgarh, Delhi, Sinauli, Kashi, and the Himalayas. In addition, it speaks about cyborg technology, radioactivity, Electromagnetic field, coal mines, and the weapons used in ancient times.

The book perfectly blends mythology, science, history, and faith into one. I am in awe of the detailed research carried out by the author. The book cover is magnificent, as well as the book title.

Good and evil coexist in any culture in whatever era one stays in.

Aryana and Kaal in the past, and now, it’s Rudra and Shaurya. So who is good and who is evil in the present time? Where is the Kavaach hidden now? Please read the book without interruption to learn more about them and their past.

Book- The Protectors Of kavaach:

Book 1 Of Kavaach Trilogy

Author- Pranay Bhalerao

Genre- Mythic Thriller

Rating- 5/5

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