Book Review: Anjanamma: Igniting Aspirations

Book Review: Anjanamma: Igniting Aspirations

Book- Anjanamma: Igniting Aspirations

Author- Chattanathan D

Genre- Fiction

If dreams have wings, they will take you higher and farther toward your goal. So these lines reflect in the protagonist’s mind throughout the book “Anjanamma: Igniting Aspirations.” The book cover is relevant to the story’s plot, and so is the book title.

When a young girl was determined to reach a new peak, nothing could stop her from achieving her dream. Anjanamma was encouraged by Nathan and his father in the initial phase. Later, Nathan was her constant guide throughout her life, directly or indirectly.

The book beautifully touches on the rampant social issues in our society. They are endless, like poverty, caste difference, girls’ education, physical and emotional torment in the name of ragging, farmer’s plight, care for elders, language barriers, lack of basic needs in daily life, etc.

The author has carefully turned a love story into two individuals’ success stories where an invisible thread connects both. The author’s presentations and ingenuity touched me in the end. So grab your copy and enjoy the book.

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