Book Review: Gift Of Emotions

Book Review: Gift Of Emotions

The author Anu Menon has assembled 43 short stories in the book “Gift Of Emotions.” The book cover is simple, yet it speaks volumes about the book. In addition, the author has chosen a beautiful title for the book, true to the core.

The book runs from despair to shock, rushing through outrage and contentment emotions. The author has composed the stories in simple language for every age group of readers.

Every tale had an unusual yet bright ending that stayed in the heart even after finishing the book. Then I realized this is the beauty of emotions that spread their fragrance to every soul. Some stories felt quite realistic and close to my heart. They are “Soulmates,” ” Tangled Hearts,” ” The Life Of Mia,” and “Awestruck.”

Emotions are the seven primary colors of the rainbow called life, bringing happiness to our life. So, honestly, Anu Menon has gifted emotions to her readers through her creative tales.

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