Book Review: It Must Have Been Love

Book Review: It Must Have Been Love

The book “It Must Have Been Love” is a fiction that blends love, denial, friendship, and distress very well. The cover displays the unbridled fondness for one’s beloved. Jigar Prajapati has portrayed diverse emotions effortlessly yet unrestrainedly.

From the beginning of the book, the author takes his readers on a college journey. Maan makes excellent memories with his gang of 5 from the first day. But, well, there is a hitch in the plot.

Kiara enters Maan’s life after he gets rejected by Naaz. But, the friendship never fades in their life. Does their close bond stay unchanged over the years, or does it snap? Is it always a one-sided devotion from Maan? Why did Naaz turn down Maan’s proposals every single time?

Mona and Jigar are lingering there to tell you more if you want to know about Maan and Naaz. Some romances lead to marriage, and others meet with tragic endings. So what was the fate of their love?

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