Review: The First Year Fiasco

Review: The First Year Fiasco

The book: “The First Year Fiasco” is a nail-biting thriller from the opening line till the author puts his pen down. The book cover portrays a mysterious aura. A little caution before the readers delve into the book, read it in one go without distractions.

Aratrika Roy joins the Panagarh Institute Of Engineering and Management with dreamy eyes like other freshers. There, she meets Jayashis Dey on the first day, and a strong bond forms between them. But Jay’s nature is different from the beginning.

Aru’s simple life gets disturbed when she unknowingly gets trapped in a vicious trap in college. Jay remains untraceable for days after the unsettling events. Aru suspects Jay’s involvement in them which upsets her. But who is behind all the stormy occurrences?

Get yourself absorbed in the mysterious world created by Angandeep Kr Chatterjee without delay to get your answers. You will not be disappointed with the outcome, guys.

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