Book Review: Game Of Multiverse

Book Review: Game Of Multiverse

The cover of “Game Of Multiverse: Is This Game Fair or Unfair” is overly captivating. Moreover, the title partially gives away the plot of the book. Nevertheless, it gripped me to dive into it, and I was surprised.

Secure the safety belt as we enter the multiple universes. We are guided by the author Anurag Nishad through his creative skill. The future is determined through a machine assembled by science and algorithms. As a result, one universe benefits in contrast to the other universes. Calm down, guys. Animesh, the main protagonist, goes on various assignments with his small team of eight to help needy people. The device named “Machine Multiverse” was the hard work of Animesh’s father.

When good and bad co-exist, an evil team lurks on the outside as well in Animesh’s squad. The machine can help humankind or destroy it with pre-written instructions. Someone is there to steal the device, possibly from the other universe or the government. Ride to learn more about modern technology and the machine’s fate. Thank you, Nishad, for delivering such a brilliant sci-fi book.

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