Solace Of Heart

Solace Of Heart

Why is my heart,

Stifled in a fury?

Never stays calm,

Forever in a hurry.

How does it arise,

From my heart?

Is it cumbersome,

To handle the stir?

My beloved heart

Not compliant to me

Slipping from my hold

For reasons unknown.

It beats loud and fast,

Crossing a thousand miles

Pushing bits of energy

Flying here and there.

The heart is nothing,

But frail and fragile.

Inclined to mourn

At the drop of a pin.

Is it love or conflict?

Hard to decide it.

Why the turmoil

Clouds my body?

Is it natural or bizarre?

For the heart to beat

Quicker with tremor

Every passing second.

Where to get solace,

From daily clutter?

Calmness endowing

The whole heart.

Nature’s heart

Made with Gold

Neither whines

Nor bangs its fist.

Never bitter

Or in outrage

Amidst the chaos

Created by us.

It spreads happiness

With endless love

She raises her brows

To capture the scenes.

Delighted of

The rush & madness

Of her children

Bouncing towards her.

Nature’s essence,



Like sky’s stars.

The sincere affection

Of the mother earth,

It gives the best solace

To our restless hearts.

She wraps all of us

In her love cocoon.

Do we appreciate her,

Even in a small way?

Nature’s love infinite

Like the ocean’s water

Or the sky’s vastness

Maybe like the forest fire.

What gives relief to the gut?

How does the heart heal?

Where do we get the balm?

Who gives solace from ache?

Is it the love of the mother,

Toothless grin from the toddler,

A scorching smooch from beloved,

Or gentle words from a friend?

Ping me the location,

About the heart’s solace,

Whenever you uncover,

Wherever it is,

How far it may be.

I will rush without delay,

Even to the moon,

Or to the earth’s center,

To get my solace,

Of my aching heart.

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