Why am I sulking,

In the far corner?

When I approved,

To be overlooked.

Why has my mind,

Gone totally blank?

While I had chosen,

To step into this chaos.

Why do I sense,

Ignored, yet?

While I cried pails,

Simply for solitude.

Why do my tears,

Not subside, then?

When I brought it:

The distress on me.

Why am I going back,

Into the muddy past?

When only happiness:

It is knocking at my door.

Why do I repeat,

The same blunders?

When I understood,

Those the hard way.

Why I hanker like crazy,

After hostile mirages?

When my heart repeats,

Not to go unnecessarily.

Why do I keep,

Punishing myself?

When my broken heart,

Cannot ever be fixed.

Why my mind rejects,

To stay put for once?

While I get beaten,

Harshly by destiny.

Why do I miss frequently,

The sound of the ringtone?

When I know by heart,

There would be no calls.

Why my core still bleeds,

Seeing the pain of my foes?

While I send silent prayers,

Even for my regular nemeses.

Why do I behave,

Like a total fool?

While cocooned warm,

In my wretched shell?

Why the unseen tension,

Rising in my gentle soul?

Is it my absurd mind,

Or am I an utter fool?

Why can I not break free,

Before it shatters me?

Is it my bleak future,

That chains my limp feet?

Why am I feeling comfy,

With my miserable living?

Smiling and Comfortable,

In my heart-wrenching wails.

Why am I leading,

Life of the ordinary?

While my great potential,

Lies in its unique essence.

Why am I afraid to step,

Into the unknown future?

What is holding me back,

To stride on the new road?

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