Web of Emotions

Web of Emotions

Trapped in own emotions,

In the journey of life,

I push to break the barrier,

Of my sentiments.

Little do I realize,

The tangles are weaved,

By my unique mind,

That is always knitting,

The tales of that day.

Cleaning them frequently,

A complex task at hand,

Defeated many times,

Yet, I try my best.

Believing spiders to be tiny,

Benign creatures.

The cobwebs to be petty,

Though they are not,

It is the biggest mistake in life.

Sometimes my hands,

They are not quick,

As I remove them,

They are caught on the web,

Of my restless feelings.

I can tell now,

Deception has learned,

This craft of weaving,

Entangling the weak,

Into its tangle in society.

The mind is an expert,

In the art of lies and doubt,

That spins nets in seconds,

Without much effort.

Stepping out on this road,

With a gullible face,

I am the easy prey,

Caught like a fly,

That suspects no danger.

The untruths have many mates,

They spin the fake yarn,

Their weight is near zero,

Still, their impact is grave.

Yearning for the web of dreams,

I weave the threads,

That is made of sentiments,

Some are wobbly,

Others are pristine.

Strand of a spider’s web,

It has no strength as such,

Unity matters a lot,

Strands of the web,

It can strangle a mighty.

The morning sun,

Dew on the spider’s web,

It shows the stunning designs,

Designed by spider overnight,

Only to trap the enemies.

Lovely is the spider nets,

To attract the prey.

Life is parallel to spider webs,

Each step is a trap,

Through dishonest beauty.

The mind should be free,

From the web of deceit,

Lies and Boredom.

The evils should not,

Bury me in their net.

The emotions in my heart,

Allow it to spin,

The tales of life,

With the string,

Of ugly truth.

Let the spider in my mind,

Twist the lines,

Forming exotic pieces.

I should not be the fly,

Stepping into its tangle.

Prayers are gateways,

To seek the blessings.

God can solely free me,

From the entanglements,

Of my tragic life.

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