Silent Buddies

Silent Buddies

I caught a vibrant voice,

Early at sunrise,

Perhaps from my balcony,

Muttering ‘good morning.’

The words were in a loop,

In a melodious beat,

Whose voice is it,

So early?

The chirping of birds,

They are more boisterous,

Rather than a sweet piece,

That soothes the mind.

I was the inquisitive one,

To find the source.

I rushed outside,

Without a second’s delay.

There was no one in sight,

A single bird or an animal.

Whose voice was it,

That lured me out of bed?

Unhappy me,

I looked around carefully,

Butterfly hopping,

Bees on flowers,

I could see them,

But not the singer.

Heard the cooing again,

Who is it?

Am I turning insane,

Whose voice was that?

A smile lit my face,

I understood by now.

She was swaying,

Gave me her brightest smile.

She speaks no words,

She is not even human,

She has no mouth,

No feet to walk.

Yet, She conveys powerfully,

With her sweet face.

She is my buddy,

That flourished in the daylight.

Every day she sings for me,

To draw my attention,

Well, she is not alone,

She has many pals.

They are a group of flowers,

Whom I love immensely.

I have nourished them,

From seeds to buds.

They cannot talk,

Yet, they have ways to express,

Their fondness is baffling,

That makes happiness unbeatable.

I am thankful to God,

He handed me the baton,

To be in touch,

With nature.

Even to enjoy the designs,

Beautifully crafted by Him,

Thanking Him profoundly,

Throughout my life.

They are my mute viewers,

In my pleasure and distress.

Actually, my tight buddies,

They pat my back silently.

I laugh with them,

They cry with me,

They sing for me,

I dance with them.

I tell them silly jokes,

They show me their applause.

Every ray from the sun,

It acts as a tonic,

More helpful,

Than sachets of Vitamin D.

The golden glow spreading,

Every corner of my balcony,

Rejuvenates every cell,

Making me glow.

Sun is my friend’s supporter,

Without his rays,

My friends cannot live,

Even for a day.

Every new bloom,

Has its way,

She cries in ecstasy,

Enjoying her day.

They reach out to me,

Soaking in the sun,

They look for me,

Singing sweetly.

My buddies need me,

To share their laugh.

Clicking their pics,

I cherish them,

In my heart.

God only knows,

The future.

I may not meet them,

The next day?

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