Hang On

Hang On

When events turn adverse,

You are dropped in despair.

Why whine about the future?

That is not in your hands.

Calm yourself and meditate,

Leave the misery to God.

When they rise their hoods,

The unforeseen moments,

To strike our fragile minds,

With its heavy punches.

Think profoundly then,

You can come out of it.

The best way is to lie low,

Cry if you want to yell,

Sleep if you feel weak,

Curse the happenings,

Blame unknown enemies,

Sit in stillness if you wish.

It is not very thoughtful,

To leave all and go away.

Connect the trusted wires,

Keep in touch without fuss.

Call your ultimate mate,

Your inner soul.

Life can throw challenges,

Multiple times here and there.

Twists and turns cloud,

The heartbreaking choices.

The victory was close by,

Gone far away next second.

What is life, then?

Is it painless or painful?

If it mishits you,

Pushes you into the dark,

Knocks you down,

When you are weak.

Hang on there, my friends,

Till you can live your life.

Never regret the decision,

Never flee the battlefield.

The success was yours,

Yet, you had quit before.

Spread this insight,

As far as you can.

Follow your instinct,

They never lie.

Hang on with your luck,

Till the road is clear.

Life is so wonderful,

Hang on to dear life.

Do not ever destroy,

Not even in distress,

The priceless gem,

The one and only “You?”

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