Reflection Of Yesterday

Reflection Of Yesterday

Did you see that beaming girl?

So I asked myself one fine morning.

Who is she, by the way?

A face that was of prior years,

The unclear image lingers in my memory,

Oh! I think it’s someone from yesteryears.

The reflection in the mirror was uncanny,

It halted me in my tracks.

I was getting late for my outing.

Yet, who was that girl?

It’s you, Dumbo;

The mirror screamed at me.

Mirrors never lie to your face.

Time unveils our inner feelings,

The turmoil surface from within.

A smile can conceal confusion,

Even sadness is hidden well.

The shadow of emotions that leaves us,

Gushes out in the form of thoughts.

Sadly, they are often nipped ;

Maybe in their nascent stage.

When I look back to know more,

About the beaming girl in the reflection,

I envision a girl with a carefree glow.

She looked pure and fresh like a flower;

Life for her was beyond expectation

And it was rising on its own.

No fussing around the sun or the moon,

The girl stood alone in timeless elegance.

I had missed the connection by me

And it endured the agony in dark corners.

I steadily believed in myself the most,

The world had not provoked me at all,

I was content in my own cocoon.

Where did those feelings go?

Racing on the path to success,

I have lost the link to stay happy.

It was a reminder of yesterday,

To hit the lane of joy.

A small hazy image in the mirror,

With the distinct silhouette.

It winked at my progress and failures,

And whispered to me to pause.

The original feelings from the heart,

That had swayed in the wind of today.

It was an accurate image of yesterday,

That unveiled the real me.

***Sometimes we forget our inner happy self,

In pursuit of wealth, a career in life.***


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