Knock, Knock: Who is Inside?

Knock, Knock: Who is Inside?

Have you sneaked into this?

It’s a mysterious chamber,

Quite complex to access it,

With too many partitions,

An ample time to explore.

Did you knock earlier?

The place is full of delusions

But I cannot stop stuffing.

Extra pieces of damaged,

And a series of broken dreams!

Hollow thoughts, false pride,

In addition to a large pouch,

Filled with crushed lives.

It is vast as the Pacific Ocean,

It is dense like the amazon forest,

It is endless, like the Sahara Desert,

It is towering, like the great Himalayas,

It is more puzzling than the Bermuda triangle,

It is as freezing as the North Pole.

My unfinished intrigues,

Intense hostilities,

Obstinate fantasies,

The endless screams,

Incomplete memoirs,

Multiple conceits,

And forsaken conflicts,

They are residing there.

Those are buried deep,

Beneath my vast mind.

My vulnerability nudges me,

It wishes to linger there,

By clasping my hand,

More out of dread.

The shadows of betrayal,

Dance with gay,

With immense energy,

And in mournful edicts,

A pack of narcissism,

Run behind my back.

The monsters of self-doubt,

Lift their hoods from the murk.

Unspoken promises share,

Their private moments,

With half-baked dreams.

Are they tied with those horrifying events?

It’s not always cozy,

And even not rosy,

Seldom it’s bright,

Just as shining stars,

Many a time appears alike,

Gloomy as a hazy day.

Tears drop without a break,

To wash away heart-breaks,

They do not contemplate

The different lovely lies.

Optimism lifts its veil,

Replicates itself to grip,

The cords of hope.

What transpires within,

Forever stays in my shell.

Can you travel past,

To the roots to see?

What is happening there,

Inside my busy mind?

It is fathomless,

Full of clutters.

Which surfaces,

As countless waves.

They are grappling,

Among themselves,

To burst out each second.

My mind is a riddle,

Complex to unravel.

Oh! God, What is this?

Who allowed thee inside?

It was a no-entry zone,

Besides me to go inside.

Any way had you tapped,

Before making it here?

Was there an opening,

And you crashed into it?

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