Rainbow Of Love

The Source Of Joy
The Source Of Joy

Vagueness has covered the sky,

But, It looks calm at the moment,

A strong storm may be brewing,

Will it carry us all faraway?

Oh! An unending supply of warmth,

It is simply expecting for our entry,

For us to embrace them with joy.

What will our fate be like tonight?

Inside you, your style shows.

Inside me, a nasty feeling runs.

Why are weird thoughts rising?

That engulfs me with despair.

A ray of light gleaming farther,

It will consume all foul moods.

Our journey will be charming,

You, Me, and our endless love.

Believe in your rooted wisdom,

You may mix with your adventure,

Do embrace us with the most suited.

Breakaway from this toxic air,

Fairness stirs from within us,

Let your affection flow to me,

Without you, I forever feel weak,

Never try to run away from me.

Grieve not for any past mistakes,

Crush them underneath your feet.

The adventure of life now begins,

With you, and settles within me.

We are to be together forever,

No matter what happens with us?

Will the evil eye cast its spell?

No, we’ll be together in all seasons.

You and your mood lifts the gloom,

Like the sun gleams through clouds.

Small happiness is lying on the route,

Like the twinkling stars in heaven.

Slow breeze caressing our face,

The candlelight dinner in the open,

Let the night roll out to be as romantic as you,

Aww! Retain me in your arms, forever.

Our love has no expiry date,

Our dreams will not get old,

Passion growing in our hearts,

Will be safe, burning for years!

Fingers laced together,

we lie beside each other,

Lock me in your heart always,

Now, everything seems natural.

Ringing of wedding bells from far,

It is echoing in the celebratory air.

It whispers gently in our willing minds,

Moving closer into our lives.

Have you already proposed to me?

I am dying to hear from your end,

Those three super magical words,

That my heart is racing to catch.

Rainbow of love enveloping us,

With its elegance and brilliance.

Let the spectrum of the rainbow,

Endow us with the actual strength.

Maybe without the colors for days,

But lingering with us and supporting,

Through gloomy days and black nights.

When colors are blended in every way,

The theme of our life will look cheerful,

Let the rainbow of our life’s journey,

Sail us smoothly through all time.

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