Honor Their Spirit

honor, Honor Their Spirit

Breaking free from the shackles,

A thousand strings knotted tight,

Putting me on the top-most cliff,

Multiple blocks rest beneath me,

Jumping from the place is risky,

Escaping: it seems pointless now,

Bowing down is not in my blood,

Trusting God to bring me down.

Climbing above the whole empire,

Pushing prior traumas to the side,

I will stand upright in confidence.

Like a phoenix that bursts in fires,

Again, it is reborn through its ashes,

Leaving behind yesterday’s pan,

Facing the vague aches of mind,

Moving ahead is the best choice.

The thorns are lying everywhere,

Walking in these places is scary.

They are like hidden land mines,

Destroying the whole range,

Waiting for me to be killed,

On the slight touch of my foot.

Who has laid the trap like this,

Why am I the target this time?

Trapping a woman in her world,

Forcing her to tiptoe in line,

The society marks the line,

Society has created the rules,

For the women of the community,

To cause them choked to death,

Sadly I was born a woman.

Who is this so-called society?

Sadly, we are the society.

Exercising own rights is not in,

But, patriarchal beliefs are on,

Self-love is looked down on here.

There is no sense of self-love,

It’s still a taboo in society,

To pay attention to oneself,

And enjoying own success,

As you are a woman.

Giving up these old notions,

It looks so tricky at first,

Who dares to do so here?

Punishing is the only way,

Pushing it to society,

We are bowing down,

Taking it as our defeat,

To the pressures of it.

Reforming is the best choice,

For society to perform,

In a flawless manner.

Nourishing the minds,

With lots of love vitamins,

Wrapping it with forgiveness,

Giving me the needed space,

Along with thousand women,

To cultivate their success,

Plus, to savor their freedom.

Discriminating is not a rule,

Dividing people per gender,

It’s not looking fantastic now,

Divide humans for their effort,

No longer by their strength,

Ending the wrong attitude,

It is the need of the hour,

Push the hypocrisy to stop,

From this nation forever.

We are the women,

Who live in a nation,

End the outrage,

Occurring each instant.

We are here to end,

The injustices to us.

Unfasten our chains,

Remove the thorns,

Help us to honor,

The spirit of me,

As a woman,

And all women,

In the whole world.

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