Liar Of All Time

Liar! Liar! Liar!
Liar! Liar! Liar!

A deluder lied to me,

He sold me a dream,

With a pack of fiction.

It appeared so natural,

No doubt in it,

To tell lies to liars.

He weaved the fantasies,

With his fibber magic wand.

He used the thinnest yarns,

Of anguish & hurt.

Coated strong hues,

Of alluring deceptions.

It looked like the set,

Straight out of Bollywood.

Where acts are familiar,

That covers misery.

The scenes filled with stains,

Of heart-breaks and lies.

I had handed my dear heart,

It was filled with my love.

I had fallen for a liar,

Rather a charmer,

He bartered my heart,

With his dishonesty.

His soul had a link,

With my mind & soul.

I believed in their purity,

Little did I know,

About the betrayal?

Was I dumped,

By the obsessive liar?

I was enchanted with,

His smart talks,

That was dripping honey.

I was tangled in the pit,

That was full of deceits,

Even covered with mockery.

What’s new in this?

I got fooled in the end,

By a clever liar.

I cannot empty it further,

My dearest heart,

It’s already bare.

Liars turn the tables,

On other’s face.

He knew exactly,

How to play games,

Even to hide the truth,

Under a glittering veil?

He broke my trust,

That was unwavering.

Now I am scared.

I got hidden scars,

The jewelry I wore,

That adorns my mind,

With his deed of sin.

Was I telling lies,

All the while,

About lying & liars,

To someone like me,

Who was the biggest liar,

Out of all?

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