Silent Drops

Silent Drops
...Tears flow when emotions become heavy...

Tears tumbled in a hush,

Drop by drop at first,

Steady stroll in next beat,

They danced in rhythm.

Overrunning suffering,

Hiding within,

Tears were in no rush,

To end their jogging.

The eyes looking swollen,

The panted breathing,

The cheeks were stained,

The body felt fatigued.

Incoherent words falling,

The drops scalded heart,

The vision getting cloudy,

Along with hazed chaos.

There were words like,

“Silent tears are strong,”

Powerful than the sword,

Carrying the deepest pain.

In mind, tears weigh a lot,

As they are the heaviest.

Yet, they can melt stones,

With their rugged strength.

What is it?

Why silent tears?

Is it the hurt,

Or the phobia?

Perhaps loneliness,

Outspoken words,

Parting of loved ones,

Or bitter heartbreaks?

Are they the creation,

Of hurt and ache.

The soundless cries,

Stifled deep within,

For an extended time,

Rushes out silently,

Without looking back,

Not even halting.

Let the tears flow,

Soak the pillows,

Dampen the lips,

Or wet the shirts.

Let it rush freely,

Do not wipe it out,

It will stop,

On its own.

The bravest heart,

Or a fearless soul,

Even a weak man,

The cruel tormentor.

They can scream,

Without a sound,

They can cry,

Alone without noise.

The one who sheds them,

Those pearly silent drops.

He knows the price of it,

The cost of feeling stifled,

Carrying the heavy burden,

That nearly choked him,

To the unexpected death.

Even if one believes,

Silent tears are priceless,

Pricey than any diamond,

Simply loosen the knot,

Let them run freely,

Wherever they like,

To vanish quietly,

Without any constraints.

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