Why Be Perfect?

Why Be Perfect?
Satisfaction or Perfection?

It’s a complete plan,

To grab everyone’s attention.

I am a perfectionist,

Ideal to the core,

It’s embedded in me.

Perfect and Perfectionist,

They walk hand in hand.

What does the word mean?

How it feels to be one of them?

I feel it’s overblown,

It’s a myth straight away.

The title brings a curse,

To dominate over the fact.

Who carries a perfect character?

By the way, who is a perfectionist?

What are their features?

I assume everything to be flawed,

It’s great to be inadequate.

We feel crushed every moment,

To get the title of ‘Perfectionist.’

It’s a huge responsibility,

That makes us buckle down.

Let us think the other way,

We are unparalleled,

We should linger on that belief.

Let us not get valued by others,

It will only dampen your spirit.

If everything is flawless,

What is the charm in it?

It will be futile,

If our quest is vague,

In resolving life’s problems.

We can only aspire till the end,

To satisfy our yearning,

The very purpose of our being.

If we turn to be faultless,

How will we get the correct answer to our doubt?

But if we lack to be perfect,

We should not sink in self-pity,

It should be erased from our minds,

Let it slide from our thoughts.

Should we ponder over the idea?

Like it’s a perfect approach.

Why squander our time?

When we do not follow,

The mere word like a perfectionist.

When one wants to be happy,

Irrespective of his situation,

Then we should applaud it.

We should not feel wasted,

If the outcome is not pleasant.

Our effort should be the priority,

Over the success and the end.

We need to ask ourselves,

What do we desire in life?

To be content in an event, or

To win the coveted title,

Of ‘The Perfectionist’?

Satisfaction or Perfection?

We can’t drag others to this,

Let others choose the title,

Solely for themselves.

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