Silhouette Of Terror

Silhouette Of Terror
Horror Or Audacity

I shifted my body randomly,

My eyes were roaming slowly.

I turned my face for a while,

Then I felt you near me.

Why did you appear out of the blue?

It might be some sort of sign,

Yet you bring harsh news all the time.

I am not keen on you being near,

In fact, it gives me goosebumps.

It is nonetheless more suited for us,

If you can, stay away from me.

This way, I cannot hold you forever,

How would I enjoy our closeness?

Strangely, recalling you gives me pain.

Did I imagine you in places?

When I strive hard to ignore your presence.

Even to watch out for your outline in the dark?

Your proximity forms cold wind,

Or do you breathe fire too?

Are you warning me or sending hints?

Oh! I cannot quickly get your ideas.

One glimpse from you gives me shudders,

It’s enough to sink in the darkest depths.

Many times, I had brushed past you,

When you were staring so closely at me,

As if you are eager to carry me with you,

It invariably made me feel underconfident.

Everyone hopes for you to arrive,

Well, a true ostentatious nature.

Why did you show up today?

Is it damn urgent in the darkness,

To speak with me frantically?

The veiled danger is lurking around,

I am not able to hear its footsteps,

Whenever you sniff the air here,

We feel a sudden storm rising.

Is my life exposed to risks?

I have to think perfectly now,

Can I escape from you, ever?

I grasp your endless love for me,

However, I am scared of dying,

Well, I named your kinfolk here.

Holding your name under wraps,

I was doing my work covertly for ages.

The king of panic and death,

I detest you from the depths of my heart.

Terrified to even look at your outline,

I guess my end has arrived.

It seems too early to leave,

Are you here only for me?

The world is seeing the contour of fear,

Wherever one’s eyes can reach.

From our nation to another globe,

Terror is striking throughout the clock.

Is it an iconic show taken from Bollywood?

I am shivering under the prowling eyes,

Of tears, death, bloodshed, and terror.

Has God given consent to go ahead?

The creator can never accept the scene,

That is going on due to your presence.

You are not mighty in today’s time,

It must be your vanity that is babbling.

People are frightened by your silhouette,

Do not mess with pure souls,

Let not triumph run inside your head,

Do not behave like a stubborn mule,

You can be overpowered at times,

When the string is pulled with power,

By one and only Heaven’s mentor.

Can we be friends in the future?

We can perform in calmness,

Not to become terrified anymore,

Even to go with you in eagerness,

Only when we desire to move with you,

Not a minute late nor a second before.

Be our invisible guest to live quietly,

However, stay away from us till then.

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