What’s In The Menu?

What's In The Menu?
World's Perfect Menu

The first sip in the morning,

It is prepared in the kitchen.

I do see it on the countertop,

The appliance and the cup.

Let us organize the menu,

The essential items of the day.

Can we talk about leftovers?

It’s about damaged relationships,

That has turned moldy by now.

Dump it in the trash bin,

Don’t take a bite.

We are modifying the menu,

It will be done right.

What’s better than coffee?

The first drink of today,

That repairs all broken ties,

Even mends all lies.

Run to plug the coffee machine,

Fill it with happiness and a smile,

You can add water, milk & sugar,

Have you put a coffee capsule?

Take a sip and inhale the aroma,

Begin your day with a sunny face.

The significant meal of the day,

The breakfast time has arrived.

It has to be heavy and healthy,

Loading the stomach for hours.

Wipe the heartbreaking news,

From the windshield of sadness,

Keep them away from the table,

Fill the plates with cheerfulness.

Discard both outrage and envy,

Clean the closet with affection,

Throw unwanted portions of fury,

Swap them with contentment.

Choose the ingredients carefully,

For a nourishing breakfast recipe.

Mix some spoons of laughter,

Along with lots of love syrup.

Mix the rays of sunshine,

To the dough of pancakes.

Sprinkle appreciation on top,

To make the day gorgeous.

It’s time for the mid-day snack,

Soak in the light of freedom,

They are far better,

From the invisible scars,

And the uncovered wounds.

Be cautious about infections,

Wash the wound with humility,

Apply the lotion of goodwill,

Wrap the wound carefully,

With the band-aid of positivity.

Drink the juice of morality,

Gobble the fruit of integrity,

Eat the bread of gratefulness,

It will keep one sharp and wise.

This spread should be light,

To save room for the next feast.

The lunch is full of colored food,

Not clouded with shattered dreams.

Allow bygones to sleep in tranquility,

Let us enjoy life in the meanwhile,

Admire each item with delight,

Appreciate it as if there is no tomorrow.

Chew the salads of vitality,

Vegetables are fresh,

Fetched from the farm,

Called ‘no expectation.’

Eat the biriyani of truthfulness,

Enjoy the raita of compassion,

Relish the rasgulla of diligence,

Dipped in sweet syrup of courage.

There is no place for malignancy,

At least not for afternoon tea.

Hop to another area to drink,

The resentment laced tea.

Sorry, there is no negativity,

It is not brewed here,

Not for one cup of tea,

In the teapot any longer.

The rainbow tea is unparalleled,

It’s the unique menu of today.

That is a combination of,

The spices like innocence,

A dash of commitment & care,

Mixed in the pot with patience.

Lifting the veil of distress,

It brings an instant smile,

Without a doubt,

On every tea drinker’s face.

There is no toxin on this earth,

Other than dread and attachment,

They spread like a forest fire,

They ruin health and happiness,

Quickly it destroys everything,

In the wink of one’s vision.

Take them out from the menu,

Instead, restrict their entry,

To the kitchen of today,

And for the rest of our life.

Prepare dinner with kindness,

Do not calculate the calories,

Count the memories of fun,

Eat the dishes with fulfillment.

The new menus substitute old,

Every day brings new menus,

Tons of food is boiled,

Everyday with warmness,

In a bucket of conviction.

No foul words are offered,

Or seen on the menu.

No grumpy attitude,

Hypocrisy or sorrow,

Sells here any day,

Even for a single piece.

We have replaced the food,

Changed the menus,

Anxiety with adoration,

Jealousy with joyfulness,

Greed with graciousness,

Rude behavior with a smile,

Flawed attitude with faith,

Anger with admiration.

I hope you enjoy the meal!

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