Burn Them Completely

Burn Them Completely

There is an unlimited area,

In my life’s cabinet,

For the ever-growing greed.

The desire never ends here,

Even after a flourishing career,

Or with steady incomes.

There is invariably a place,

To store more and more greed.

I always had a spark within,

It was my savage rage,

That was frequently flying,

Out of me to the farthest,

Anger was only a tiny flame,

Yet, the fury turned wild,

It escaped quickly,

To overwhelm me later.

My resentment grew,

Of a seed to a tree.

A tiny sapling of bitterness,

The roots went beneath us.

It extended its branches,

To stand firm on its bed.

Now, it seems far away,

To reach the strong roots.

Doubt has no expiry date,

It forever stays in fashion.

However, I tried discreetly,

I could not get rid of it.

Jealousy held me its captive,

I lost myself in its arms,

There was no proof of myself,

That was having the real me.

I was the genuine victim,

In the fire of emptiness,

Blazing in the evil’s room,

The demons had ignited it.

The emotions choked me,

I could not escape from it.

It was like a spider’s web,

Once caught, it engulfed me.

My feelings grew numb,

I could not differentiate,

Between love and hate,

Trust and resentment.

It had ravaged it all,

My relationships, houses,

Some ambitions, career,

Fortunes and families.

Toss them into the fire,

Before it consumes all.

Let it finish with me,

As I was the creator,

I was the naive victim,

In my malicious trap.

Let me destroy them,

Before I leave from here.

Bury them in my grave,

Fastened deep within.

Make sure one thing,

It should never retreat.

It would grasp everyone,

That would pass by it.

It would pull and put,

All in its sinister hole.

When the time is right, burn it,

Let the flames reach the sky.

It will take my wrath, greed,

Revenge, distrust, rejection.

Burn them all in that very fire,

That arises from my funeral pyre.

It turns me soon into ashes,

After I depart from hither.

It will be Diwali once over,

In the heart of my soul.

Lamps of harmony and love,

They will shine brightly.

In every nook and corner,

The new moon of emotions,

They will vanish forever,

Still, the moon will shine.

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