Thought For The Day-VIII

Thought For The Day-VIII

Have you ever questioned yourself, why multitudes of offences are aimed towards women? People have the perception that Goddesses can only have their presence in the places of worship. We tend to offer our prayers only in temples and other holy places.

Each woman is a Devi on her style. They can choose any of the figures like Durga or Lakshmi or Mahakali or Saraswati as they prefer. We celebrate Navaratri most exuberantly and with loads of devotion. At the end of that festive season, we forget to honour a woman.

If we can uplift our thinking process, then only women will be revered universally. It can be at home or in the workplace. We will no longer require protection from any corner or people. Women would not be vulnerable anymore. They would not be assigned the tag of the weaker section in society.

This Navaratri, we should vow to appreciate and respect at least nine women in our life. May Maa Durga shower her blessings upon the mortals who can be flooded with positive energy and to cleanse our evil mind!

Happy Navaratri!!!

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