Thy Solitary Love

Thy Solitary Love

“I’ll never let you see

The way my broken heart is hurting me

 I’ve got my pride, and I know how to hide  All my sorrow and pain

 I’ll do my crying in the rain.”

-A-ha Band

The sudden demise of Sushant Singh Rajput jolted me out of my reverie. It compelled me to sit up in my bed to pen down a few lines. Countless speculation is being circulated along with numerous notions and Sentiments. Is it about mental illness, depression, frustration about random incidents, success theory, unable to grip stress, and so on and on?

“Human—A definition of being the most intelligent creatures.  Indeed!  Now being the dangerous creatures on Earth. Time Reverse Everything.” True, we have become perilous to ourselves as we are slaying our identity. I have gone through the captions such as-“Smoking kills, Cancer Kills, Over Speeding kills, Obesity kills, Alcohol kills, COVID 19 Kills, Hunger kills, Sadness kills, and Misunderstanding kills.” As an individual, I firmly believe that negativity and restricting our inner selves to open up are the real predators of our existence. The negative thinking and restricted inner feelings will lead you to one place, which is called destruction. Depression or low self-esteem or maybe negativity is like living with your shadow that can never be disjointed from yourself. There is no simple answer to the question of why I or why are you depressed? Normal and happy looking persons can have a lot of turmoil going inside their mind and body. It becomes a comfort for us, clings like a real best friend, and we do not want it to let go.  Please, do shout out for support, open up yourself, keep in regular touch with your closed lovable ones, do try to cry under the open sky with an audience instead of suppressing your sorrow in the rain. Open the gate to your inner dome but avoid the entry of harmful and superfluous people.  Nothing and nobody is more significant than you and yourself. Everything is transient in your life. Walk away if the bearing is too much to handle, but do not wait till it makes you suffocate. Love just one individual in your entire life, i.e., yourself. Do take excellent care of yourself. I am winding up by this powerful message from Sister BK Shivani: “Do you love yourself or criticize yourself? Do you trust yourself or doubt yourself? Want love… Accept Yourself. Need Respect…Value Yourself.”

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