They Are Endless..

They Are Endless..


Hopes are potent tools,

Flying from Brain stores.

They are endless in life,

Yet, they keep us active,

Only by their presence.

This Journey is ongoing,

From desperate to promising,

Joining both pieces,

It begins to spread hope,

Hopes are infinite as days pass.


Words seem unending,

Put them in the answer-sheet

Or toss them in speech.

They wait silently for their turn,

To be chosen by the writer.

The words can be short,

Whose impact cannot be erased,

Their echoes stay forever.

Time stands still,

The words seem never-ending,

While two buddies talk.


They are forever eternal,

Neither Age can touch them,

Nor can they vanish from the air.

It is an everlasting dream,

Amidst the couples,

Their destination is one,

Still, the Journey appears endless.

Love is like a loop,

The beginning has no end,

Still, the ending does not occur.


It springs from the stream of minds,

That move with calmness,

Their depth is unfathomable.

Silence blooms in a calm pond,

They are created,

By the seasoned brains.

The fence of silence,

Built-up with egotism and distrust,

Strengthened by two persons,

It looks never-ending,

Knocking it down is an enormous duty.


The dreams look like webs,

They catch us unaware,

Restrain the flow of mundane work,

They make way for creativity.

The ideas are like endless nights,

If they are realized,

Then the gloom seems bright.

If they are shattered,

Then they hunt like nightmares,

Never ready to leave.


They appear masked in life,

The perpetual foes within us,

They are charming in nature,

Everything is vivid in their eyes.

They paint splendidly,

In the empty canvas of our memory,

The series of absolute disbelief.

Disbelief seize our minds,

They have endless activities,

Compel us to praise their colors,

Through the rainbow of rejections.


Our problems seem unending,

They are like Akhshayapatra,

The inexhaustible pot,

One gets away making the way,

For the other.

One small problem,

It leads to a bigger one,

Forming ruckus in our life,

Throwing endless obstacles,

That hurt like thorns,

On the path of life.


Journeys guide to an exquisite island,

Where there float infinite dreams,

Dreams are bound by hope,

Hope has unlimited potentials.

The Journey leads to one destination,

Yet, the roads are endless.

Love is a journey, so is memory,

Added to it is strive to success,

So are expectations,

They are infinite in time.


The opportunities are endless,

To those who like to hold them,

They wait for the right time,

To make it feasible,

Perhaps once in their whole lifetime.

Being fearless at heart,

Determined at mind,

Soaked in solid will-power,

A new master rises,

That leads to possibilities,

Boundless at the end.


It is a superhit show,

That runs endlessly.

It is packed with drama & grief,

Comedy, action, and dilemma,

All are available under one roof.

Life may look like an endless drive,

The beginning is labeled,

However, the end remains unknown.

To those who are in distress,

Walking on this path becomes tough,

If one is free-spirited,

Life throws endless chances,

To enjoy life till the end.


Countless blessings lay on the ocean,

Every moment they are dropped by God,

Only for the souls with gratitude.

Leaving the past behind,

Still, wounded or blemished,

Move around to get endless graces.

Be ready every second,

With folded hands,

To receive unlimited miracles,

From the God of Heaven.

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