Our Incorrigible Virtual Life

Our Incorrigible Virtual Life

I am cooling my heels for the bluetick in Whatsapp, the ringing of the cell, ding dong sound of the doorbell, or for someone’s ping. Throughout the day, I am pining for someone and thinking that others are having the time of their life. I am yet to take a call from my near and dear ones. It’s my special day, folks.

Day turned into night, and in mind, my life twirled upside down. All my excitement has gone, but my plastic smile is still on. Incoming calls are twenty, fifty SMS, sixty Whatsapp wishes. Forty posts in FB walls along with thirty in messenger are staring at me. It slipped from my mind to tell you about the group and individual video calls.

 I drag myself into the balcony with a heavy heart to get a glimpse of the super moon. The day is winding up with magnificent gifts, mouth-watering dishes, and a couple of stunning pics. But I am stuck at the notion about the day being ruined. I posted an attractive pic of mine in the social group to get attention. I tried to linger in front of smart TV, awaiting ornamental utterances.No compliment. What’s happening with me?

It’s just 2 minutes but thinking it to get ready like 2 minutes Maggi…

Why is the unhappiness clouding my serene life? I was expecting more and more compliments and wishes. Either I have turned into a vampire trying to suck other’s blood or to a sulking drama queen. It looks like my dream of acquiring page 3 celebrity status just reduced to dust. Chill, this is slipping from my hand.

Oh!!! Sigh!

Was I looking forward to all my 700 Social Media friends to wish me? There will be showering of sweet compliments on me by them.

Wait a minute, guys. Do we have fixed targets for every event of life? If A, B, and C would wish me on my B’ day or like my Instagram post or sprinkle me with applause for a new funky haircut, that’s it. We reach cloud nine. We eagerly wait for reactions about a new attire, gorgeous travel pics, or trending online recipes. If no emojis are displayed, then we are lost. Yup, the target is missed. We are overly engrossed in our virtual world, and people existing in that place become our best friends. Our life revolves around them and their sweet dripping words. Who does not love flattery after all? 

It appears that We have become the marketing personalities of our life’s company. We are always ready to compete with others in the virtual world. Our popularity soars high depending upon the number of pictures we share and friends’ lists on social media. We have no genuine feelings for each other in that world. Our favorite game plan is to make strategies and to incorporate them. Our virtual world motto: More pics, more friends, more likes, more comments, more shares. It gives us the strength to survive there. 

“Don’t let your online presence be greater than your real-life presence.” -Unknown

We are getting more and more obsessed with social media as days are passing by. It is hampering our work life, social life to an endless extent. In the meanwhile, we are losing our real buddies and close relatives without our knowledge. The personal relationship is running hither and thither. We should try to spend time with our immediate family. We should not take them for granted or make them feel neglected by our newfound obsession. 

Just think this way: If out of sudden, we are defeated by our marketing strategy. Where will we land then? So, We have to change our priorities urgently. Lest we forget to do so, it will drown us in this virtual sea. 

We need to balance our virtual life with real life. It will be better to stop relying on everyone in the virtual world. Restricted interaction should be implemented. We are turning unstable, insane, feeling lonely, and facing an identity crisis. I am now lost in quiet contemplation about the scenario. 

Digital detoxification and staying away from virtual contacts are the prime concern now. We should relish the company of real people and their sincere words rather than virtual remarks. 

Connectivity is good, but it should not be a source of discontentment in our real life.

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