Book Review: Weave Some More

Book Review: Weave Some More

Author- Benita Patnaik

Book- Weave Some More

Genre- Crime Thriller

Rating- 4.7/5

This fiction’s concepts scintillate with lies, doubts, psychological intricacies, and entangled relationships. The book cover looks mysterious, and the title suits the storyline. In addition, the author has kept the scenes unadorned with gripping words. Finally, the engaging tone of the author has made the book a good crime thriller.

The book begins with the maid Radha Bai discovering a dead body in the house of Bhaskar and Tara. However, the murder changes direction after Tara’s denial about the body belonging to Bhaskar. Inspector Sood confirms the theory afterwards.

Bhaskar is missing from his house, adding complexity to the murder case. So many suspects, yet nobody has a real motive for the murder. What can be the reason: love, money, or revenge? Where is Bhaskar amidst the chaos? Hold the book today and uncover the culprit behind the gruesome murders.

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