Book Review: Fading Primrose

Book Review: Fading Primrose

” So at the end

I have brought you

Some drops of my tear

Where you can visualize yourself

Only to know,

My long halted heart

Still cry for you.”

(From the poem”Gift”)

Who will not fall in love with these words by poet Tritrishna Ghosh? Soulful verses of the poet swirled with yearning, rejection, unfulfilled, approval, etc., of love from her loved one.

63 poems about love nestle calmly in the poetry book “Fading Primrose,” and not a single expression is out of place. However, the book’s title is unusual, and the cover makes one feel the contents.

The poems linger in the memory even after minutes of finishing them. This is because the poet has composed the lyrics and put the emotions perfectly with each mood. Separation and longing can also be beautiful and not heart-wrenching, as per the poet’s exhibitions in the book. Read the poems before they fade from memory.

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