Book Review: Tijara’s Mystery Codes

Book Review: Tijara's Mystery Codes

A mythological curse combined with mystifying codes, lineage riddles, and royalty forms an aura. The Author has waved her charm into this captivating ambiance in the form of “Tijara’s Mystery Codes.”

Siddhartha, a police detective, is sent to Tijara Fort to investigate the murder of a young doctor, Sanjay. Disguising as an interior decorator, Sid stays in the fort to expose the murderer and the motive behind the murder.

During his investigation, Sid stumbles upon layers of traumas and curses hidden behind the walls of the royal palace. Power is always predominant in empires, and it certainly gives rise to clashes. Was the slaying for the place of the throne?

The Author has managed brilliantly about three different ages without disturbing the story’s narration. In addition, the cover design is stunning. Finally, while reading the book, I was on another level. The book completely wrapped me in the majestic world of kings and legends.

Author-Hemma Myers Sood

Book-Tijara’s Mystery Codes

Genre- Fiction/ Suspense/ Mythology


Grab your copy of “Tijara’s Mystery Codes” without delay. It’s filled with an intuitive, psychological, and mysterious storyline.

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