Book Review: Teesta Diaries

Book Review: Teesta Diaries

Teesta Diaries: The Valley Of Dark Secrets stands as a top-notch nail-biter book. The author Swapan Karmakar has created layers of riddles in the plot, extending to the book cover with a dark mystery. It was a spine-chilling fiction from beginning to end for me.

Zoya, a young journalist, runs away from her hectic schedule to holiday in Tistaang town. But, life takes an unexpected path when she is about to leave the place. The peaceful Teesta valley turns shady overnight.

The distorted body of Kailash Manchandani, a well-known criminal lawyer, is found by lake Silchow one morning. Ranveer, with the help of Zoya, begins to investigate the murder. However, when the police investigation was moving slowly, another brutal murder happened in the town, throwing the police team out of the road.

What is the motive behind multiple cruel murders? Who is behind it? Is the supernatural power enabling the slayings? Entangled in the endless riddles, can the duo track down the clever killer or killers that snatched the peace of the beautiful place? Grab the book today to unlock the mystery codes behind the queries.

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