Book Review: Symphonies: Ruminations Of Fragments

Book Review: Symphonies: Ruminations Of Fragments

It was a sheer joy to read the book “Symphonies: ruminations of fragments.” The book’s title tempted me in the first place. The colorful book cover is a treat for tired eyes.

The poet Shashikala Gadepally has penned 25 poems in this book. The headings are multifarious, and they span from hope to hard work. The verses are profound and hold powerful meanings.

The most memorable one for me is” Women Power.” Next comes “Patience.” Finally, “Self-Respect” comes third out of 25 beautiful poems. The book is filled with happy, stormy, life-changing, or miserable emotions.

Author- Shashikala Gadepally

Genre- Poetry

Rating- 4.9/5

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