Book Review: Gossiping With Emotions

Book Review: Gossiping With Emotions

“Why is it so?

That every so often I’m so powerless?

You taunt me; you burn me

To ashes in your hellfire.

And I’m so powerless to backfire!”

The words are pulled from the title “Jealousy.” I found a lot of conviction, the truth of life, and the oppressive spirit of Jealousy trapping humans in its clutches.

Each poem heading appeared familiar, yet the poet’s writing style is unusually different. Moreover, the representation of each theme is expressed with an impressive technique.

The book title, “Gossiping With My Emotions: Diving Deep Into The Heart,” resonates with the feelings of the poet’s casual chatter with each issue in it. The book cover looks vibrant.

Poet Sonal Maharana has done fantastic work with her words and feelings.

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