Book Review: Broken Reflection

Book Review: Broken Reflection

It was like breaking into a cold sweat on a windy day through the first few lines. The storyline sounded spooky. However, the book turned out different from my beliefs. The book cover is stunning as well as the book title.

Manish Gulati, a physics professor, abruptly vanished from Kuldhara, Rajasthan. Sanjeev and Manish were there to collect details about the people who were disappearing without a trace.

Manish and Sanjeev were entangled in an ancient secret surrounding the place, leaving any clue. Are science theories involved in this story? Do other universes exist parallel to ours? The book pitches sensational bits of information on each page.

According to Sanjeev, the disappearances resulted from perfect planning rather than paranormal activity. In search of Manish, he gets support from unexpected sources. What happens in the end? Did Manish come home with the help of Sanjeev? It’s exhilarating, nail-biting, deceptive, and full of riddles. Read the book in one go without a break.

Book- The Broken Reflection

Author- Saumitra S Manohar

Genre-Thriller / Science Fiction


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