Book Review: A Soul Never Sold

Book Review: A Soul Never Sold

The cover design of “A Soul Never Sold” is enchanting. One look, and it pleaded with me to open the pages. Sutrishna has weaved magic through her beautiful words. It’s more like her name’s meaning that signifies “Wonderful Thirst.” In addition, the book’s title is rich in deep knowledge.

The seventy-eight micro poems in the book have been put under three different sections. They have engaging titles like Emotional Estates, Reflective Realms, and Divine Domains.

Numerous lines from the book touched my heart with their warm essence. It is a journey filled with tribulations and questions. Her poems are the fountain of beliefs and inspiration.

One is:

“Suffering can be individual,

But pain is a universal teacher.”

Another is:

“We are thoughtlessly unbalanced,

And always in comparison.”

It was hard to pick my favorite poem from the book. Was it “Last Lullaby,” “Colourful Home,” “Coordination,” “Spiritual Liberation,” “Misplaced Sensitivity,” ” Yield In Inactivity,” or “Count Accounts”? Each poem may be teeny in size but has an in-depth insight into life.

A splendid poetry book by Sutrishna Sen. Rating-4.7/5.

By Suchi

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