Book Review: Pentias

Book Review: Pentias

Buckle your seat belt, Guys. We are about to crash into the fantasy world of Silandria with pentias: Aahan, Farhan, Harshi, Dhyan, and Aarav, where Aahan is on a rugged mission to lift the bane of the whole empire. He is resolute in finding the elemental jewels to annul the curse, as guided by Mother Alaysia.

Will the pentias team locate the missing jewels? The elemental Jewels represented the air, water, land, and fire, as per Silandrians. Can Aahan help in curing his father? Who will be the master of elemental Jewels?

The book has streaks of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Saka Laka Boom Boom, Vicky, and Vetaal, and all fantasy series that kept viewers hooked for many years. However, I do see glimpses of Greek mythology.

The author Karthika Sajeev has created a world of mysticism with her words from which no soul wants to come out. The book’s title exactly matches the puzzled land. The cover is fascinating. So I rate it 5/5.

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