Book Review: Imposed Knot

Book Review: Imposed Knot

The Protagonists of the book “Imposed Knot” are stark opposite to each other. The author “Madhuri Tamse” has written it so beautifully that I fell in love with the book’s main character. Typical love-hate Bollywood style plot but it was beautifully portrayed in the book.

In somewhat different circumstances, Arjun and Kajal tied the knot with each other. Arjun was supposed to get engaged to Kajal’s Cousin Sheetal that day. Fate played a cruel joke upon Kajal, who was slightly young and naive to get manipulated by the ruthless Arjun. Not a single moment of dullness throughout though it is a long story.

Friendship, Unconditional love from a toddler, Complex relationship with Family, and loved one is the primary emotions expressed in this work.

Affection can hamper one’s personality, or it can make one a good human being. Arjun’s emotion is interwoven with losing his mother’s love, whom he had loved so much in his childhood. He turned stone-hearted due to it. It was nobody’s fault, but it affected every person in the Family in due time.

Read it today without delay. If you love reading romance, then go for it.

By Suchi

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