Yeh Yearning Hai Boundless

Yeh Yearning Hai Boundless

Hi! Compassionate & Resilient Angel,

You may have heard the story about the royal barber and pots of gold numerous times. “There lived a royal barber who was exuberant and loved by everyone. One night while returning home through a forest, the barber heard a voice. The voice apprised him to accept some gifts. It was bestowed upon him for his genuine kindness. Instead of paying any heed to it, the barber fled from the place. He was surprised to find six full pots of gold at his home. And the seventh pot was half-full. Then, the husband and wife decided to fill the last one to the brim with gold.

The barber began to drop his entire earning into the pot. He even converted all their jewelry into coins to put them there. Still, it remained half-full. The couple started to starve, and the barber looked dejected, unhappy all the time. The King readily had agreed to raise the barber’s salary as per his request. 

At the end of the month, he was losing sleep over the seventh pot of gold. Despite all their efforts, they could not fill the seventh one. He neglected his work and again asked the King to increase his salary. The King could not remain silent and asked him, “Have you been given seven pots of gold by the forest spirit?” He was astounded when he listened to King’s words.

The King started to explain that he had quickly recognized the symptoms of half-filled pot illness. The King was also offered the pots by the spirit. The King knew that it would be useless if he could not spend them. He advised the barber to return the jars as quickly as possible as it would remain half-full forever. The King wanted his loyal barber to be a contented man like before. The barber threw the seven pots in the forest as per the advice and lived happily.”

There would be a lot of enjoining from your mind for more and more in your coming days. It would never get filled up to the brink of one’s yearning. 

You always set your heart on one thing or the other since you learned to babble. I used to collect the words that were pouring down from your mouth’s river over the years. The harbor of your expressions was kept vivid in my mind’s imagination to date. The folder of your countless words is unfathomable, sometimes it makes me flinch just by its feather touch.

“Just as Death and Destruction are never satisfied, so human desire is never satisfied.” – Proverbs 27:20

I shall put a few words about your childhood days. It begins with climbing up the tree as a toddler, keeping the zoo lion as a pet, visiting amusement parks, growing up with fancy clothes. Pricey football studs, triumphing over arch-rivals in a Sports competition, yearning for more marks in an examination, getting into a prestigious college added to the list now and then. 

Being a gorgeous housemaster, loading the locker with loads of cash, steering a BMW to performing in Opera House. Your desire would never ever be exhausted or be complete. Can you ever stem your stream of yearnings? The response is never.

It is unambiguously clear like the Pepsi ad coined by Anuja Chauhan, “Yeh Dil Maange More!” …

One tiny tip for you is to never give up on your yearning today or tomorrow. Instead of getting entangled in the misery trap of desire, you must master the cravings. If you cannot win over your endless cravings, it is wise to leave them for your benefit. I am confident that another wish would spring within no time. Unappeasable appetite for one’s ambition fuelled further by modern gadgets, stirs up our passions. Do not try to slaughter your today in the process of running after the fixation of tomorrow.

Hey! You have to keep a balance in your today’s stressful life. Sometimes, giving a call to your grandparents or childhood friend would bring joy into their lives. If you provide surplus food to a beggar and your worn-out clothes to an orphan, you earn countless, unseen blessings from them. You can spare your notes to your buddy or lend your hand to an injured friend at the correct time. It will give you a lot of satisfaction. I bet it would taste heavenly in comparison to margarita cheese burst pizza or double choco-chip Ice cream.

You are a formidable player in today’s life game, and your boundless yearning would take you to the pinnacle of success. It is not wise to blame others for your failure; instead, remind yourself to figure it out by yourself. Step down when your appetites have filled up, or You are exhausted from establishing new aspirations. 

I doubt that the dawn would ever come in your life to call it a day from your mountains of goals. Tighten your life’s grip and plunge into the ocean of “Yeh Yearning hai boundless.”

“Even today, I dare not say that I have reached a state of achievement. I’m still learning, for learning is boundless.”

~Bruce Lee

Love forever

Always for You

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