Creativity Oozes Out from An Indolent Mind

Creativity Oozes Out from An Indolent Mind

On a dreary Sunday afternoon, I was surfing the internet for top trending topics. Every day is a weekend for me, during this ongoing pandemic time. I was loitering around, with the laptop open to search for abstract ideas to be put in my next column. Due to my approaching deadline, I needed to wrap it up as quickly as possible.

It prompted me to the famous English Proverb “An Idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” I differed from these words at that moment. It made me wonder if there is apparently any title classified as an abandoned mind. The mind is incessantly at work. It generates one thought after the other has receded. The mind tries to merge them, leaps to a new one, and strives to weave a distinct theory. The idea may dangle from the secluded corner of the mind, or it would collide into each other due to lack of vacant area during the process. It would head towards an unforeseen explosion without warning. Boom!

There is a vast discrepancy amidst a wavering mind and an unruffled one.Wrongdoings spring from a damaged mind, but an indolent mind forms a pathway for creativity. It commences in the course of Innovative Adventure. We need to provide our mind with a break or make it sleep for more productivity at times. This interval is referred to as an idle moment for a specific reason as prescribed by Neuro Scientists.

People tend to overthink in every circumstance, and it is the most significant cause of their misery. Can we ship our mind to an unknown locality on holiday for some time? Give it a break, man. I assure all that it will bounce back with its great potentiality by all means. It would earn you a smile, and you will be thankful for it.

“Idleness as a waste of time is a damaging notion put about by its spiritually vacant enemies. The fact that idling can be enormously productive is repressed. Musicians are characterized as slackers; writers as selfish ingrates; artists as dangerous. 

Robert Louis Stevenson expressed the paradox as follows in “An Apology for Idlers” (1885): “Idleness . . . does not consist in doing nothing, but in doing a great deal not recognized in the dogmatic formularies of the ruling class.”

― Tom Hodgkinson (British Author)

I observed some features during the pandemic time that is still lingering throughout the world. The mind was at leisure and calm. 

There is no urgent assignment to complete overnight. Need not hurry for a meeting and no whining about the imminent visit to relatives. Did not rush to prepare breakfast.No planning for a pending holiday. There is no race to attend college, and the best part was, did not run to collect milk or newspaper at the crack of dawn. All were so pleased -Neither a party to accompany one’s children nor drive to a sparkling wedding. There was no vital conference call to tend to.

Wow! Life was remarkably blissful and still—no hustle and bustle.

 In the silence of the night, it accouches the most desirable from the mind.

Creativity began to flow in diverse styles without a pause. It extended from music to gardening, cooking to stitching, choreography to photography, when the people were confined to the four walls of their homes, and I can go on and on about the list. They ventured into the universe of innovative products as their subconscious was undisturbed and quiet. People do not need this moment to be snatched away from them, but their hands are tied. Different preferences would substitute the creative side in due course, and it might get shifted to the backseat of life’s car.

Do zone out in between working hard and balancing one’s life. You do not have to be focussed and productive most of the time. Just toss each rubbish element from mind to the dustbin at some point of time. Imaginative infrastructure can be built out of an empty mind. Guys, heed to this opinion and do grant your mind to go on a complete trip around the world frequently. 

In my opinion, everybody should take some time off from their hectic schedule and arrange an appointment with one’s mind. If we can toss our unending plans to the rubbish bucket once in a while, then our mind would fantastically yield its services. Continually running and over-thinking is not in but laze around doing nothing is the brand-new craze.

An indolent mind is not the devil’s workshop but a source of unlimited creativity and ingenuity. This is the secret ingredient applied by a Creative Personality to prepare a masterpiece.

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