Wounds Of Past

Wounds Of Past
Wounds Never Heal Completely

It’s oozing out slowly,

Trickling down my attire,

The white cloth is covered in red,

Flowing slowly to other areas.

Well, it’s an age-old bruise,

I had thought it had healed.

However, I was wrong here,

It had never faded with time,

It only came into light,

When someone freshly raked it badly.

It looked as if my life befell aside,

Moreover, the pain is back in time.

I am exposed to shock once again.

How did time fly for all of us?

When one seeks to escape the pain,

It comes back with full force.

It’s only the so-called destiny.

One can never escape from it,

Of fate’s cruel clutches.

The reaction is just accidental,

Catching the attention of reality,

The scars have not paled at all,

Nor has it blurred from my memories,

It keeps stirring up my core.

The old scars run underneath,

Nonetheless, it adds more agony.

The scars are never fully covered,

We live with them till the end.

It lands in the silence of the night,

When the world sleeps soundly.

I feel weak watching them rise,

From the corner of my dried eyes.

They had never stopped bleeding;

It had not vanished from my side,

They do not trouble me anymore,

But the wounds only settle to bleed again.

The marks were always lazing around,

All the while, it was hanging nearby.

They had never abandoned us,

Reached out with a light touch.

They were hidden in numbness,

Old wounds were never healed in life.

When we were touched at the spot,

We felt their closeness next to us.

Revisiting the old memories,

That was full of thistles,

Guiding me to have the fortitude,

To carry the burden of distress.

While opening the wound,

From yesteryear’s grave,

It attracts germs to fester.

Wounds of the past will heal with love,

If you dare to face the demons,

Then you can end the pain forever.

It is not simple to uncover the past,

Countless memories connected to it,

Along with the wound and scars.

If the trauma is not washed efficiently,

With love, concern, strength; on time,

The wound would never heal in the future.

We will again feel pain,

If it is brushed past by,

It is better to wipe painful past,

From our lives with respect, forever.

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