Life Will Fly Like A Bird

Life will fly in minutes,

Extending its open wings,

Leaving behind all good,

Your verses & values.

Let not waste a beat,

Filled with fierce rage,

That has consumed you,

In its boundless crater.

Let go of past wounds,

Decaying from the inside,

Coat them with forgiveness,

Do not hold on to grudges.

Laugh at the foes’ faces,

Let them sense otherwise,

You are fearless enough,

To meet the bitter world.

Life is full of memories,

Some pleasing,

Others painful,

Sieve good ones,

Hold them tight,

Toss the remnant.

Live like a winner,

You are the healer,

You are not powerless,

You have magic hands.

Let the rambling mind,

Not cover your heart,

Not even the soul,

With its nonsense.

Let past mishaps clear,

Your today’s path,

Do not dwell there,

More than a minute.

Land at your station,

To ponder like a scholar,

Listen to your inner self,

Ask yourself a question,

What is your real goal?

Let the truth not hide,

The shining lies anymore,

You are speckless,

In a dirty society.

Lead your noble life,

With bright thoughts,

Believe in yourself,

Love your uniqueness.

Let confidence mix,

In your strength,

In your truth,

Down to the base.

Latch the door behind,

Let words of failure,

Sarcasm and insecurity,

Dare not enter your home.

Linger in calmness,

Meditate in peace,

Speak to yourself,

Have a good chat,

Solely with you.

Let silence speak,

In its language,

It will reply,

With clarity.

It will allow clearing,

All your doubts.

Lob your anxiety,

In the trash of today,

Think about yourself,

Be happy,

With yourself,

And “you of the moment.”

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