Book Review: You’re Stuck With Me

Book Review: You're Stuck With Me

Life throws tantrums, fate behaves quirky, fortune stays crooked, and happiness eludes the most. The saga of Neeti and Ronit blends well with these four words: Life, Fate, Fortune, and Happiness. This emotional journey of two young people is the tale of every newlywed from a small city.

Ronit had a lovely past. But unfortunately, luck turned evil in his life, which separated him from Vaishali. However, he is not unhappy with his wife Neeti through an arranged marriage.

Neeti’s world collapsed after her father’s fatal accident. Without showing it to her family, she could not take the grief in her stride. Instead, she was void of happiness and calmly surrendered herself to the hands of fate.

Will Neeti and Ronit share a blissful marital relationship after all? Do join them to catch a glimpse of their honk-free ride.

Book- You’re Stuck With Me For Life

Author- Venuka Goyal


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