Book Review: Feel Without Fear

Book Review: Feel Without Fear

Author- Shailesh Tripathi

Book- Feel Without Fear

Shades Of Emotion

Genre- Poetry

Rating- 5/5

Poetry is invariably a cluster of mixed feelings. Nevertheless, one can indulge in poems at any season, whether in scorching heat, torrid rain, gorgeous spring, or frosting winters. The book cover is vibrant, and so are the verses inside.

The book “Feel without Fear” has 51 gorgeous poems by the poet Shailesh. The simple titles extracted from everyday life display depth, filled with a chest of emotions. In addition, it has a calming effect on distressed nerves. The intense feelings of the author are very well reflected in his poems.

“Blink and you disappear

Life is so unpredictable dear

Don’t leave anything to chance

Open your magic boxes

To thrill us with your moves…”

The book is short so that readers can finish it in a few hours. Plus, it will endow poetry lovers with fresh energy to fight the stress in everyday life.

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